As exclusive provider of aeration using the Air2G2 system in Utah, Idaho, Colorado Montana and Oregon, we are able to aerate your turf in a way that simply is not possible using any other piece of equipment on the market today. 



Using the Air2G2 system, we can quickly aerate your green complexes causing no disruption to the playing surface.   Play can resume immediately after treatment.   Because no core is pulled and the soil is fractured at a depth of 7 to 12 inches, no topdressing is required.  Players will be unaware any treatment has even taken place.


spot treating dry/compacted soil

Given the compact nature of the Air2G2 system, we are able to maneuver the machine into small areas and can hit those trouble spots that suffer from compaction issues and therefore provide a poor surface for growing turf.  Back of tee boxes, collars, approaches...anywhere you have trouble spots, we can treat.




The Air2G2 shatters the interface created by conventional core aeration...You will immediately see a huge difference in the quality of your turf.

The machine in Justin Woodland’s hands is an outstanding combination of a great machine and a great owner improving your soils and surfaces which will result in more profitability and happier customers.
— Matt Shaffer, Director of Golf Course Operations; Merion Golf Club

Poor drainage areas

Because we can operate our machine in any weather...including when the turf is under water, we can provide almost immediate drainage in areas that will not let water pass through the upper levels of the top-soil.  Our machine can even be used in poor draining bunkers to eliminate puddling.

Playing surfaces

Whether it is football, baseball, soccer or lacrosse, our system can eliminate compaction in high traffic areas thereby providing a demonstrably softer playing surface that is safer for your athletes.



Chemical uptake

With the Air2G2 system, the chemicals applied to your turf will result in better uptake with more product reaching the root zone and staying there as opposed to simply being washed away by surface drainage.  You will be able to use less chemical to achieve the same result thereby saving you money.

Further, as more states/school districts are limiting or outlawing the use of any chemicals on the playing surfaces of students, our system provides a completely chemical free way to greatly improve the porosity and oxygen concentration of your soil.