Justin Woodland, Founder of Airgronomics   

Justin Woodland, Founder of Airgronomics



We were founded for one reason:  To make your turf better

As a superintendent himself, Justin knew it when he saw it; the Air2G2 system is a game changer.  There is no magic bullet in this business but this tool and our knowledge will put you in the best position to get and keep your turf as healthy as possible in the least invasive manner we have ever seen.  Oh, and you will save money, too.  We understand the pressures you face.   We get it.  Nobody is a super because of the short hours and the easy-to-please crowds.  You do it because you love it.  Let us help you love it even more.

Whether it is an infield at the ballpark or those three acres of greens you make your living off of, we can help you aerate faster, with minimal disruption and saving you money on chemicals, top dressing and lost revenue due to downtime.



The Air2g2 machine

The Details

The Air 2G2 is a self-propelled hydrostatic drive three probe air injection machine, injecting compressed air to either 7” or 12” deep (depending upon probe fitting). This causes a fracturing effect of the compacted rootzone, with no surface disruption. Air is injected  over an area of 36 sq/feet to 12” deep per injection. 

  • Highly maneuverable to get into difficult areas
  • Hand aeration probe to go where even the machine can not
  • Can operate year-round, including when the turf is underwater
  • Only one worker required to operate the machine, leading to lower costs for clients
  • No disruption to the playing surface 
  • Because no recovery time is needed for the surface, areas can be treated multiple times per year if necessary
  • Areas you never even considered aerating before are now fair game.  Bunkers? Yep.  Hard-pan?  No problem.  That area next to the clubhouse that holds water after a storm?  You got it.